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Transverse Styles has been offering amazing IPB skins since 2007. Our goal is to release new IPB styles each month that meet your need. We currently have 10 IPB skins and more designs coming up.

A great froum needs a great design. It's that simple. Our forum skins make your forum more appealing, unique, and engaging to members and guests.

The best skins help increase member registration and ultimately the overall health of the community and that's what we aim to deliver.

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redrunner form skin

Transverse Styles Customer Area

Premium members area to manage your account, download IPB styles you purchased, and get amazing promotions for special customers only.

High Quality IPB Themes

We strive to create quality IPB skins that will make your forum stand out from competitors and make your community more appealing to members.

1 Year of Support Included

All of our IPB Skins come with 1 year of support absolutely free. Any updates and changes are free also. After the first year, support and skin updates are available for a low fee.

Get MyBB and Xenforo Themes

All themes will be converted to MyBB and Xenforo within the next couple of weeks. We'll update current customers and make announcement when it happens.

Customer Testimonial

I was looking for a forum design that was different than the default skin that came with invision board. I was thrilled when I found this site and my members loved the ipb skin. I highly recommend TS. ~ Stephanie, MO

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IPB 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Exploit

News & Announcements 10 Nov 2014
We are relaying this post from Invision Power to current and future customers:   We are releasing patches for IP.Board 3.3.x and IP.Board 3.4.x to address two issues recently reported to us.  It has been brought to our attention that certain PHP configurations allow for a potential SQL...
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Mybb Demo Forum: registration disabled

News & Announcements 21 Oct 2014
Due to the number of spammers that have registered at the Mybb Demo forum, we've disabled registration.   If you would like a live test you can contact us for a test account.Thank you.
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IPS 4 Preview Download

News & Announcements 02 Oct 2014
For those that did not get the news yet, IPS4 Preview is available for download at the official IPS website.   Please note that IPS does not support Preview builds! Do not install this on live website or community.   We'll be releasing skins for IPS 4 when it's out of beta.
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MyBB themes for MyBB 1.6.x now available

News & Announcements 01 Sep 2014
We are happy to announce that all of the following IPS themes have been converted to MyBB. Themes are compatible with MyBB version 1.6.x:   - Azel - Novera - Bullet - Aficionado - Skilltest - Euphoria - Covenant - vRocking - Battlegear - Redrunner   Checkout the mybb demo forum for a li...
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Get All Forum Themes Plus More

News & Announcements 24 Aug 2014
For those that don't know, we've introduced another option to purchase access to all of our IPS themes plus new theme released in the next 6 months (12 months coming soon). Subscribe to one of our club membership plans below for a great deal. We plan on converting all themes to MyBB and Xenforo i...
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